Answer the given Questions

Submit in a .doc (Microsoft Word) format. Double spaced. Font size 12. Each question answer approximately 1 page. Please remember that your response is the only information I have to determine your comprehension of the material. When in doubt as to whether your have included enough explanation/discussion, too much is better than too little. 1. Why is diaphragmatic breathing thought to be an effective relaxation technique? 2. How does the practice of meditation affect the brain? 3. Why is hatha yoga thought to be an effective relaxation technique? 4. List three ways that imagery and visualization can be used for relaxation. 5. List and explain the three ways (theories) that music is thought to promote relaxation. 6. What is massage therapy, and why is it thought to be an effective means to relax? 7. T’ai Chi is called a moving meditations; explain what this means. TEXTBOOK(S) AND REQUIRED MATERIALS: Title: Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-Being Author: Brian Luke Seaward Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning Year Published: 2017 Edition: 9th ISBN: 13: 9781284126266