Project Manager

I was selected to be the project manager of a greenhouse initiative by a local school in Kalamazoo County, Michigan. The school management had a plan to integrate horticultural farming on its 100 acres farm. The objective of the management is to have a “Lease a Greenhouse” initiative in the community where potential investors lease greenhouses from the school and conduct their horticultural activities. The school will construct the greenhouses, market them to potential investors, and facilitate operations until the processes are running. Secondly, the school and the investors will agree on a profit-sharing formula depending on market rates for products. This agreement will however be reviewed every three years. Consequently, the school agreed to have me as the project manager to oversee the construction of the first 25 greenhouses with a standard measure of 96 feet long and 30 feet wide. The specified timeline was 9 months after which I will hand over the project to management.

Project Goals and Objectives

The greenhouse project will be designed with a goal of expanding the school’s revenue streams through community empowerment. The aim is to have the school have a reliable stream of income that can sustain its operations but through this project that will also uplift the immediate community. As the vision expands, the school will continue to create more job opportunities for the community through additional projects with more attractive incentives. Consequently, the objectives of the project will be to build high standard greenhouses that will be consistent with investor and market demands. Sufficient research and analysis will be conducted to determine the greenhouse designs that are most popular and in demand within Michigan. The second objective will be to design the greenhouses to appear as close to potential investors’ demands as possible in order to have a unique selling point. The ultimate aim is to give shareholders value for their investments.

Project Structure and Management I will use a project organizational structure to manage the greenhouse project. This is the most effective structure where the project manager has ultimate authority over proceedings, reporting occasionally to the project board. I will have jurisdiction over the…….

Promotion versus Debt

Question 1

The first step involves defining the problem that needs a solution. In this scenario, my aim is to earn a Bachelor’s degree in order to improve my chances for a promotion. However, my former supervisor who works in a competing company recommends me for supervisor’s position in the firm that offers attractive perks. Therefore, the problem is whether I should quit my current company that offers tuition reimbursement to join our competitors who do not. Secondly, the company has all its supervisors qualified with Master’s degree.

The second step involves problem analysis. My company supports employee’s development by reimbursing their tuition costs, but does not offer more incentives such as salary increments, car allowances, and relocation expenses. The competing firm promises to offer these perks if I choose to join them. My problem is that the company seems to employ supervisors with at least a Master’s degree, which I have not attained. Based on this problem analysis, the problem that I really want to solve is my education level and not acquiring a similar position (supervisor) with better perks.

The third step involves generating possible solutions. I could either continue with my education by remaining at my current company or choose to quit for the more attractive position. Secondly, I could decide to accept the offer but continue with my education to attain a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. The next step requires an in-depth analysis of the solution. Should I decide to…….

Psychological Wage

W.E.B. Du Bois introduced the concept of ‘psychological wages’ to describe the ‘white-skin privilege’ that allowed poor whites to feel more valuable and superior to poor blacks. The poor whites had a feeling that they ranked higher than the poor blacks. For example, they could access public parks and schools at least. Du Bois was explaining that privilege is state of being rather than just tied to money. At the time, white laborers were benefitting from additional but unearned psychological wages that effectively reduced poor laborers’ standing in the society and promoted white supremacy. The labor movement was effectively divided between the ‘superior’ low-wage white laborers and the rest – low-wage blacks. Therefore, although the white group received low wages, there was some sort of psychological wage that compensated them that included accessing public parks and quality schools since they were white. The Southern elites used ‘psychological wage’ to control Whites and Blacks, helping the poorer Whites to continue being “blinded by their belief in their own happiness” (Buck 65). Therefore, the term ‘psychological wage’ means white supremacy and privilege associated with being white. The ‘psychological wage’ is evident in the essay – Peter Redneck – in the manner that the ‘white’ government treats the poor public. For example, President Trump is focused on maintaining power and position at the expense of the poor as long as it serves the interests of elite groups (mostly white). In Worked to the Bone, the concept of ‘wages’ is seen in the way race, class and power are used to entrap the……

Jim Crow Law Signage Photos

The Jim Crows were enacted in the late 19th century. Angry Southern whites were at the forefront in creating the laws with the aim of enforcing racial segregation.[1] Racial segregation was an effort by the whites to keep blacks in a subordinate status by denying them equal opportunities and access to public goods. Segregation effectively meant that Black and White people could not occupy the same spaces nor enjoy the same services. It is the same theme that is emphasized by picture numbers 1, 2, 3, 12, 15, 16, 19, 20, 22, and 29.[2]  The White and black people were kept separate in all public systems; a Black child could not go to school in a ‘White School’ nor board a ‘White’ train or bus.[3] That was also experienced in entertainment places such as theatres and cinemas. For example, picture 12 captures a rest stop for bus passengers with separate accommodation facilities for colored passengers. Secondly, picture 22 shows a Rex Theater in Mississippi that was designed for only the colored people. Additionally, picture 2 reveals the poor business environment that Black entrepreneurs were forced to adopt because they could not access the high-end and populous centers where their businesses had higher opportunities of peaking. The demeaning environment of Jim Crow era was meant to…….

Rape Culture in Pop Culture

Rape culture is a term that was first used by feminists in the 1970s to describe an environment where rape is “highly prevalent, ‘romanticized’, normalized, and excused by the media and popular culture” (Walsh par. 2). The culture is promoted and perpetuated mostly through misogynistic interactions, objectification of the female body and beauty, and promotion of sexual violence through glamor (Walsh par. 2).  Films and songs are part of the pop culture that has been blamed for marketing dangerous myths about lines of consent and romance that glorify predatory male behavior. In some of the songs and movies, some characters can be described to have crossed the lines of sexual consent through their aggressive pursuit of women with blatant disregard for their rights and desires. However, the actions of the popular characters are never castigated. Instead, their actions are likely to be perceived as charming rather than inappropriate. In multiple cases, those male characters who are adjudged to have crossed the line – by, for instance, forcing themselves to a disinterested woman – are excused, or their deeds are quickly compartmentalized and brushed aside (Phillips 4). The net effect of rape culture in the society is the creation of a social culture that ignores women’s rights and disregards their welfare.

Examples of Rape Culture from Pop Culture There are multiple examples of rape culture in today’s popular media where sexual harassment through predatory male behavior is excused, condoned, romanticized, and glorified. An example is the song Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke that was released in 2013. Specifically, the song’s lyrics were described as promoting sexual harassment and violence encouraging men to blur the lines around sexual consent. Critics described the lyrics as promoting rape. Indeed, the song’s release was followed by a…….

Regression Analysis

The dynamic nature of e-trading provides one of the best environments that can be used to determine the relationship between the number of buyers and expected auction revenue (Anderson, Friedman, Milam, & Singh, 2008). The expected auction revenue is the dependent variable while the number of buyers, reserve prices, unique bidders, duration of an auction in days, and bidding are part of the independent variables. The interactive pricing theory posits that the main reason that auction mechanisms are used to set prices is due to the expectation that auctions tend to result in higher revenue for the offered commodities (Schindler & Schindler, 2011). The development of the Internet has made it possible to have that enables traders to conduct electronic auctions for the commodities they wish to sell. This website applies the English auction mechanism – where the seller entertains ascending bids (Schindler & Schindler, 2011). For example, item 113742636399 (A3) has a reservation price (RP) of 99 – the minimum price that the seller was willing to get for the product. In this case, the bid prices exceeded the seller’s RP, meaning that the item went to the last remaining bidder. Item 1 was sold at 102.5 from three bid prices of 102.5, 100, and 99. Therefore, it is expected that the higher the number of buyers the higher the likelihood of getting a higher bid, thus more revenues. The eBay auction matches the model’s assumptions and my research approach. For example, the plotted graphs (see Figure 1) reveal that the more the number of bidders the higher the final price becomes. It is more of a positive linear relationship. We can compare two points on the graph below: (4, 180) and (7, 200). These are two points that lie along the plotted line…….

Rett Syndrome

Rett Syndrome (RS) is a genetic mutation that primarily affects girls. The neurodevelopmental disorder affects almost every aspect of a child’s life – the ability to speak, walk, breathe, and eat. Developmental regression is mainly noticeable during the rapid destructive phase (between 1- 4 years) when the child loses multiple skills quickly, including speech and voluntary hand movements (Chattopadhyay & Arora, 2014). The child starts to experience breathing difficulties and loses the ability to use hands purposefully. RS is estimated to have a prevalence rate ranging from 1:10000 to 1:22000 and is only rarely found in males (Chattopadhyay & Arora, 2014). Some places such as India have reported low cases of RS, and the hypothesis is that the disorder may either be under-diagnosed or misdiagnosed as autism or cerebral palsy. Nevertheless, the authors assert that early diagnosis of the rare genetic disorder is emphasized along with appropriate treatment of the patient to alleviate pain and suffering.

In an attempt to demonstrate the various aspects of RS in a child, the authors use a case study of a girl aged 4.5 years old. The child was checked into the OPD by her mother after noticing her child was suffering from decayed upper front teeth in the preceding six months. The mother could not understand why her child was experiencing RS-related symptoms, yet she had a normal delivery, no medical conditions, and taken no medication while expectant. She was in distress that her child’s development was slowing down to regression levels. On quick analysis, the Out Patient Department revealed that the girl had persistent stereotypic hand movements. She clenched her fingers tight to cause tears on her phalangeal joints. Secondly, the girl had lost the ability to perform purposeful hand functions such as touching.  Her speech was limited to just a few words – a decline from her first three years when she spoke better. Third, the girl could neither sit nor make eye contact. Additionally, she looked weak because she was not able to eat properly and manifested signs associated with autism. RS has potentially adverse effects on the family. The girl’s mother seems to have been affected by her child’s pain. During the first visit, she allowed the physician to…….

Safe Drinking Water

Safe Drinking Water

  1. What are some of the health effects of exposure to lead? What population is especially vulnerable to lead in drinking water?

Brain damage, behavioral problems and developmental challenges. The population that is most vulnerable to lead poisoning include the expectant and breastfeeding women and children (Augenstein, 2016).

  • Where does lead in drinking water come from?

Lead service lines and lead pipes serving homes with drinking water (Augenstein, 2016).

  • Why was the agent used to disinfect the DC water supply changed? What disinfecting agent was used prior to 2001, and what was used after 2001?

D.C. changed the water disinfectant to limit byproducts – as was stipulated under an EPA rule – in the disinfectant process. The decision was made to change the treatment chemical to chloramine from chlorine.

4. What is meant by a passivation layer in lead pipes? How was the passivation layer affected by the change in disinfectant used in the DC water supply. A passivation layer is a mineral crust on the inside surfaces of water pipes that forms a …….

Ways of Saving More Money


Saving involves accumulating funds through savings (Garman, Thomas, and Forgue 382). Shavenellynee needs a comprehensive plan that will free up more monies for savings and investment. The savings plan should start with ending her vehicle’s lease agreement. Leasing is an expensive option in the long run because it means she is paying for the use of the BMW for the first two years when it depreciates the most. After the lease is over, she has to lease another vehicle. It means that she will have to continue paying monthly payments for a long time.  Secondly, leasing a car attracts high insurance costs, especially in liability coverage. Ultimately, leasing will cost Shavenellynee more than an equivalent loan. Therefore, Shavenellynee should purchase a vehicle to save more money that could have been used in insurance costs, limited mileage costs, and monthly repayments.

Additionally, Shavenellynee should budget by tracking her costs. She should write down all regular expenses while tracking other variable expenses. The amount of money that she will salvage from these efforts should be put into retirement savings – 401(k) plan.

Sarena Sarena should stop paying her credit card purchases in…….

Collaborative Decision Making Through Shared Governance

I attended a committee in my health care organization last month. It was a meeting that had been scheduled for close to two weeks by the organizing and coordinating secretaries. All fifteen members had confirmed attendance, but on this day two were absent without apology. After a few minutes of exchanging pleasantries, the meeting commenced. There were three critical issues that were tabled for discussion and everyone’s input was required in order to come to a consensus. The meeting was held for close to three hours, but what I observed was a disjointed team that discouraged nurse involvement in decision making. The committee did not manifest employee engagement in decision-making and team work.

Description of the Committee Meeting Hospital committees occupy a crucial position in healthcare organizations because they are involved in management and decision making in their institutions (Meyers & Costanzo, 2015). The committee that I visited had representative members from all the departments. Their main role was to agree on some of the responsibilities that were common across all departments and chart a new path for the future. Specifically, some committee members were available to decide the measures that would be used to improve clinical capabilities while others were responsible for issues pertaining to safety and quality in the hospital.   Another party in the meeting handled issues associated with human resources, including employee grievances. In sum, the committee members and supporting team was formed by people in different roles and expertise, and they were expected to collectively come to a consensus opinion after deliberation to form the basis for decision making. The supporting team that was also present were expected to comment on the implementation aspect of the decisions. However, this was the theoretical…..