Ethical Analysis – Apple’s Slowdown Scandal

Apple Inc. began as an idea of two friends -Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak – who were extremely innovative (Kane, 2015). In spite of being high school dropouts, Steve Jobs and Wozniak managed to revolutionize the way people use computers, enjoy music, use the internet, and talk on their phones (Kane, 2015).  Today, Apple excels in designing and manufacturing high-end mobile phones, PCs, tablets, and other technological devices. Additionally, the company is a leader in the consumer electronics industry. However, the company is embroiled in a scandal that threatens to derail its remarkable progress. In 2017, reports emerged that Apple had intentionally slowed down older iPhone models, including iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone SE, and iPhone 7 (Perlow, 2018). The report seemed to bolster earlier conspiracy theories among users that Apple had been deliberately slowing down older models to force customers to upgrade. Interestingly, Apple apologized to consumers for slowing down their phones, even going further to term the scenario a ‘misunderstanding’. Nonetheless, some users continue to feel that Apple betrayed their trust for being opaque with their strategies. Apple faces multiple lawsuits from disgruntled consumers who felt offended by the company’s actions.  That Apple misled stakeholders by not being transparent with its software update that affected older models of iPhones was not only a deceptive act, but also socially and ethically irresponsible.

Social and Ethical Responsibility

Apple was socially and ethically irresponsible for the Slowdown Scandal. Business organizations such as Apple face ethical issues each…..ORDER YOUR CUSTOMIZED ESSAY at

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National Flood Insurance Program

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was constituted in 1968 to minimize the effect of flooding in public and private establishments by offering affordable insurance to potential victims (National Flood Insurance Program par. 2). It also collaborates with the community to help enforce floodplain management regulations that are conceived to mitigate flooding effects. Based on this mandate, NFIP remains a critical organ across the U.S. especially because it is a major issuer of flood insurance coverage for members of the society including property owners and businesses. Since establishment, NFIP has managed to bail out homeowners and businesses from damages caused by floods. For example, the October 16th flooding that occurred in central Texas in 2018 destroyed over 800 homes (FEMA par. 1). The subsequent payments from NFIP were projected to exceed $30 million after all the claims were cleared (FEMA par. 1). Evidently, NFIP remains an essential body that needs to be constantly guarded by the government.

Despite its remarkable achievements since establishment, the future of NFIP looks bleak in the presence of climate change. The scientific community admits……ORDER YOUR CUSTOMIZED ESSAY at

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THE TRAVEL AND TOURISM INDUSTRY- United World Tourism Agency (UWTA), Visit Scotland, Benefits of Successful Sustainable Tourism…

The travel and tourism industry is key to many economies’ balance of payments and livelihoods. It has grown to become central to the society mostly because it is a reliable source of employment and supports trade in services. A report by the World Tourism Organization indicated that, as one of the fastest growing economic sectors, international tourist arrivals have grown to over 1.3 billion per year from a lowly 25 million in mid-twentieth century (Zhang, 2018). Today, the sector generates 10% of world’s GDP and 1 in every 10 jobs (Zhang, 2018). These are remarkable statistics for a sector that is relatively young as an economic activity. The rapid growth demands responsibility from various stakeholders to achieve sustainability – promote environmental preservation, protect cultural heritage and engage local communities. This study will focus on the different dimensions and challenges of promoting sustainability in the travel and tourism industry.

Task 1

Tourism Concern is a UK charity organization that was started in 1988 due to issues about the impact and course of commercial tourism. Initially, its aim was to create understanding and spread awareness of the effect of tourism on host communities and the environment (Butcher, 2007, 50). The charity held the view that global tourism had ignored social and environmental aspects regarding host communities. Consequently, the UK charity campaigned for ‘community tourism’ over mass tourism in an effort to control the excesses of the tourism and travel industry. It challenged the exploitation of people by the rapidly expanding global tourism industry. Through the years, Tourism Concern has…..ORDER YOUR TASK at

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Bullitt’s External Analysis

Customer Analysis

The UK-based Bullitt Group is one of the fastest growing technology organizations in Europe (Silva, 2017). Multiple factors can be mentioned as having played a major role in the growth of Bullitt, but innovation to determine what lacks in the market remains the most pronounced success factor of the company. In an already competitive market with firms such as Samsung, Bullitt has managed to carve a niche for itself by targeting some of the neglected customers in the technology market. Select segments that had been ignored by mainstream manufacturers and technology providers turned out to be an exciting group that Bullitt could explore. Some of the most pronounced sectors that the company targets include:

  • Construction
  • heavy industry
  • facilities management
  • defence and public safety
  • utility workers
  • agriculture
  • transportation
  • sports and outdoor
  • late technology adopters

Customers from the target sectors listed above demand robust mobile devices. In the construction industry, workers require smartphones that are tailored to their needs to facilitate their work (Silva, 2017). In the heavy industry where sectors such as steel production, quarrying and mining are located, efficient phones that can aid workers perform their roles are in demand. In the facilities management sector, potential customers ask for tools that can help them organize their tasks and improve performance. In defence and public safety as well as utility workers, the demand for reliable communication tools that can access information promptly is high. It is the same narrative for agriculturalists who desire smartphones with specialist apps that support farming management. Each of the targeted sectors has a significant size of potential consumers that have been ignored by mainstream manufacturers. Clearly, the gap in all these sectors is the lack of specialized apps that are tailored to facilitate the customers’ daily operations. For example, a sportsperson will demand a smartphone with a long battery life, fitness tracker and GPS for their training regime. These are the customers that Bullitt Group continues to target by offering them special features that are relevant to their daily operations. For example, a construction worker will expect a phone that can survive a fall from the sky or waterproof. Bullitt Group uses these unique features to offer products that appeal to these ‘niche markets’. In early 2017, Bullitt Group launched a rugged phone that targeted builders and ski instructors (Silva, 2017). The phone could withstand heat as high as 248 degrees Fahrenheit and low temperatures of up to 20 degrees Celsius (Silva, 2017). With this vision and purpose, Bullitt Group continues to design and offer products that will meet underserved needs of specific customer segments. The promise is that the devices will continue to be consumer-oriented and possess crucial features of a conventional smartphone.

Competition Analysis

Bullitt Group main competitors include XGIMI, …..ORDER YOUR CUSTOMIZED ESSAY at

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Cultural Aspects of Galway – Europe’s Capital of Culture 2020

Galway was voted Europe’s Capital of Culture 2020 in 2016. It means that Galway will receive funds from the government and Europe to host a series of cultural events throughout 2020. Some of the other cities that were also in the running for the coveted title include Limerick and the Three Sisters – Kilkenny, Waterford, and Wexford (Bray, 2016). It is estimated that the title is worth close to €170 million in funding and tourist activities, proving that the eventual winner is selected mostly on the basis of what they plan to offer rather than own cultural history (Garcia and Cox, 2013). The winner must also outline the events that will be showcased and how they will highlight European links. This is consistent with the primary definition of cultural tourism, which emphasizes a destination’s “cultural heritage assets” that can be transformed into “consumable products” (McKercher and du Cros, 2005, 211). Galway’s bid and eventual triumph means that 2020 will be a special year for the city to reflect on the uniqueness of her culture. The eagerly-awaited event will be used to uplift the international profile of Galway. Consequently, the main question that persists is what cultural products Galway has to offer to enthusiastic tourists throughout 2020.

Cultural Products

Cultural tourism entails the unique features of a destination that reflects its ways of life, history, and environment (Zhang, 2011, pg.12). As a product, cultural tourism has to satisfy the cultural needs of visitors because it becomes a resource to the tourists. As a subset of cultural tourism, cultural tourism emphasizes the supply factor that could be in the form of multiple aspects, including cultural events and local culture. Additionally, the product category may include services that enrich a tourist’s experience such as knowledge, art, custom, and history. Tourists demand unique experiences from cultural tourism and the specific products on offer must be designed to satisfy their needs and wants. As a cultural capital, Galway has an array of experiences to offer. One of the common features of cultural tourism products is a story. Cultural and heritage places are……..ORDER YOUR CUSTOMIZED ESSAY at

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Should America offer Organ Transplants to non-residents?

‘America First’ and ‘Build the Wall’ are some of the terms that are often associated with President Trump’s rise to power. Trump may not enjoy majority support, but his approach of prioritizing American interests seems to strike a chord among his support base. At this time when President Trump is embracing an ‘America First’ policy and attempting to design policies that will restrict immigration from some nations, organ transplants to noncitizens nonresidents (NCNRs) has already attracted debate. There lingering question is whether foreigners should access the limited organs at the expense of American citizens. Under the current anti-immigrant rhetoric, there is a shift in attitude among some Americans that suggests restricting healthcare services to NCNRs. Budev (2017) takes this opportunity to pose the question – “should US Centers transplant solid organs into foreign recipients”. He responds in the affirmative. His main point is that the American transplant society should continue observing the tradition of compassionate care to all – residents, citizens and noncitizens. The present political atmosphere cannot be used to cultivate a new ideology of offering transplantation based on citizenship. By definition, the author’s main purpose is to systematically counter the claim that there should be limits to NCNR transplants.

Analysis of the Article

The author’s argument is credible because he relies on verifiable policies under health bodies in the U.S. For example, the first point the author makes is that there are no laws restricting NCNR transplants. Instead, there are only rules that are designed to promote transparency to transparent centers and the general public. To prove this point, the author guides readers toward the National Organ Transplantation Act (NOTA) policy, which directs that……..ORDER YOUR CUSTOMIZED ESSAY at

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Flybe – Factors that Could Influence Passengers Travel Decisions, Flybe’s Suitable Strategies…

Factors that Could Influence Passengers Travel Decisions


Prices have a direct influence on the decisions made by passengers. All things held constant, passengers tend to prefer those airlines whose tickets are relatively cheaper for their trip (Parrella, 2013). The advent of social media has concentrated power at the hands of consumers who can compare airfares between different airlines before booking their flights. Travelers benefit from the stiff competition between low-budget and traditional airlines who are often engaged in a race to undercut one another to attract more travelers (Noack, 2017). Still, reports indicate that ticket prices are a more important factor for leisure passengers than for business flyers, since fare for the latter is often compensated by their employers (Parrella, 2013). Flybe can benefit from understanding pricing mechanisms to have a constant flow of passengers.

Flybe can use ticket prices to appeal to future passengers. Flybe can use pricing to target different market segments such as leisure travelers and business travelers. By focusing on the needs of a future leisure traveler, the airline company can understand how to set ticket prices and accompanying discounts. It is believed that price-sensitive passengers check and compare ticket prices with the benefits derived from offered services (Bawa, 2011). Therefore, Flybe should be keen to have the right mix of ticket prices, discounts and utility package that will appeal to different passenger groups.


An airline’s reputation plays a critical role in influencing passenger choices. Airlines have a significant opportunity to build a strong image based on high-value experiences for passengers. Customer care – right from flight booking, during traveling, on to the end of a journey – is at the center of an airline’s appeal because it builds a…..ORDER YOUR CUSTOMIZED ESSAY at

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Apple Inc. – General Environment, Five Forces of Competition, SWOT analysis

Apple Inc. is a California-based giant that deals with computer electronics, PCs, and portable devices across the world. Apple Inc. began as an idea of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Kane, 2015). The two friends were high school drop outs, but had extremely innovative minds. They are credited with revolutionizing the way people use computers, enjoy music, use the internet, and talk on their phones. The company’s strategic move from a pure I.T. organization to offering consumer products due to the stiff competition in the tech industry expanded Apple’s portfolio. The business diversification strategy also helped Apple to improve brand recognition and reach more customers. Since its establishment in 1976, the company has had about three decades of experiencing both high and low moments in performance (Kane, 2015). However, Apple has managed to stay in the lead because of its brand recognition and general acknowledgment by the consumer.

This report is designed to review the company’s environmental analysis through Porters 5 Forces of Competition to determine how well Apple can perform in the tech industry. The purpose of the paper is to recommend the best strategy that Apple can consider to take maximum advantage of its strengths.

General Environment

An analysis of Apple’s general environment reveals a few areas that…….ORDER YOUR CUSTOMIZED PAPER at

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Attractiveness of McDonald’s as a Viable Investment Option

McDonald’s (going by the symbol – MCD) trades at the New York Stock Exchange. The company’s stock history can be described as impressive if its record of stock splits and dividends, which are designed to maximize investor returns, is to be considered. In mid-August, 2016, the company was valued at a market capitalization of $95.5 billion (Caplinger par. 1). It is a strong foundation that has benefitted McDonald’s shareholders. Specifically, long-term shareholders have specifically benefitted from the relatively strong performance of McDonald’s. According to Carter (par. 2), a person who invested $1000 in 2008 would have been worth over $3,400 on 30th January, 2018. It is an investment that would have attracted a total return of about 300%, including the ploughed back dividend gains. An even longer period of investing would have also attracted higher benefits – an investment in 100 shares ($2,250) in 1965 would have multiplied to be worth $8.8 million by the beginning of 2017 (Caplinger par. 3). This is some of the proof that McDonald’s stock has continued to grow much to the benefit of long-term investors. There is enthusiasm among investors of the company’s prospects. McDonald’s stock seems to have outpaced growth. ……ORDER YOUR CUSTOMIZED ESSAY at

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Rhetorical Analysis of A Farm Boy Reflects

Nicholas Kristof makes a compelling argument in his column A Farm Boy Reflects on the need to protect animal rights. Appearing July 21, 2008, in The New York Times, Kristof looks back at his personal experience with animals to advocate for animal welfare and rights. Kristof notes that having reared different types of animals during his childhood, he came to acknowledge their “unforgettable characters and obvious intelligence” (par.7). For example, despite his love for pork, he cannot help but feel guilty whenever he visits a pork chop ready to buy a meal of an animal he feels is his “intellectual equal” (par.7). The author’s eye-opening experience with animals establishes him as an appropriate advocate for animal rights. Kristoff manages to convince his audience to appreciate animal rights by embracing vegetarianism through narrations that appeal to common sense (ethos), inductive reasoning and emotions.

An emotional appeal is used throughout the text. The author uses individual stories to…….ORDER YOUR CUSTOMIZED ESSAY at

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