Project Manager

I was selected to be the project manager of a greenhouse initiative by a local school in Kalamazoo County, Michigan. The school management had a plan to integrate horticultural farming on its 100 acres farm. The objective of the management is to have a “Lease a Greenhouse” initiative in the community where potential investors lease greenhouses from the school and conduct their horticultural activities. The school will construct the greenhouses, market them to potential investors, and facilitate operations until the processes are running. Secondly, the school and the investors will agree on a profit-sharing formula depending on market rates for products. This agreement will however be reviewed every three years. Consequently, the school agreed to have me as the project manager to oversee the construction of the first 25 greenhouses with a standard measure of 96 feet long and 30 feet wide. The specified timeline was 9 months after which I will hand over the project to management.

Project Goals and Objectives

The greenhouse project will be designed with a goal of expanding the school’s revenue streams through community empowerment. The aim is to have the school have a reliable stream of income that can sustain its operations but through this project that will also uplift the immediate community. As the vision expands, the school will continue to create more job opportunities for the community through additional projects with more attractive incentives. Consequently, the objectives of the project will be to build high standard greenhouses that will be consistent with investor and market demands. Sufficient research and analysis will be conducted to determine the greenhouse designs that are most popular and in demand within Michigan. The second objective will be to design the greenhouses to appear as close to potential investors’ demands as possible in order to have a unique selling point. The ultimate aim is to give shareholders value for their investments.

Project Structure and Management I will use a project organizational structure to manage the greenhouse project. This is the most effective structure where the project manager has ultimate authority over proceedings, reporting occasionally to the project board. I will have jurisdiction over the…….