Promotion versus Debt

Question 1

The first step involves defining the problem that needs a solution. In this scenario, my aim is to earn a Bachelor’s degree in order to improve my chances for a promotion. However, my former supervisor who works in a competing company recommends me for supervisor’s position in the firm that offers attractive perks. Therefore, the problem is whether I should quit my current company that offers tuition reimbursement to join our competitors who do not. Secondly, the company has all its supervisors qualified with Master’s degree.

The second step involves problem analysis. My company supports employee’s development by reimbursing their tuition costs, but does not offer more incentives such as salary increments, car allowances, and relocation expenses. The competing firm promises to offer these perks if I choose to join them. My problem is that the company seems to employ supervisors with at least a Master’s degree, which I have not attained. Based on this problem analysis, the problem that I really want to solve is my education level and not acquiring a similar position (supervisor) with better perks.

The third step involves generating possible solutions. I could either continue with my education by remaining at my current company or choose to quit for the more attractive position. Secondly, I could decide to accept the offer but continue with my education to attain a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. The next step requires an in-depth analysis of the solution. Should I decide to…….