Safe Drinking Water

Safe Drinking Water

  1. What are some of the health effects of exposure to lead? What population is especially vulnerable to lead in drinking water?

Brain damage, behavioral problems and developmental challenges. The population that is most vulnerable to lead poisoning include the expectant and breastfeeding women and children (Augenstein, 2016).

  • Where does lead in drinking water come from?

Lead service lines and lead pipes serving homes with drinking water (Augenstein, 2016).

  • Why was the agent used to disinfect the DC water supply changed? What disinfecting agent was used prior to 2001, and what was used after 2001?

D.C. changed the water disinfectant to limit byproducts – as was stipulated under an EPA rule – in the disinfectant process. The decision was made to change the treatment chemical to chloramine from chlorine.

4. What is meant by a passivation layer in lead pipes? How was the passivation layer affected by the change in disinfectant used in the DC water supply. A passivation layer is a mineral crust on the inside surfaces of water pipes that forms a …….