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Identify at least three musical characteristics that were essential to early African American music. Compare/contrast country blues and classic blue

1 Identify at least three musical characteristics that were essential to early African American music. For each of those characteristics, explain how they functioned in slave songs or ring shouts, and how they functioned in early blues styles or spirituals.2 Compare/contrast country blues and classic blues: discuss the musical and/or cultural origins of each style, explain three musical characteristics of each style, and identify the relative commercial success of each style. Name two country blues performers and two classic blues performers.

Case Study – Blue Spider Project

CASE STUDY – BLUE SPIDER PROJECT: Read the attached Blue Spider Project case. Answer questions 1-4 at the end. CASE STUDY – ORGANIZATION ANALYSIS: Taking into account the concepts you have studied in this course, examine the current human issues in managing projects or programs in your organization. In accomplishing this, talk to project managers, functional/department managers and executives involved in project/program management. Use this input and your own experience in completing the analysis.See attachment for Case study and questions

Blue Leaf Farms

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