In the following project, you will format a newsletter for the Aspen Falls Tourism Department about the annual Classic Car show. You will apply Text Effects and use columns to lay out the newsletter articles. You will create a new style for the article ti

Start Word. Download and open the file named Student_Word_04_SA_Car_AS.docx. Save the file as Last_First_Word_04_SA_Car_AS.02Apply the Ion theme, and then change the fonts theme to Franklin Gothic.Note: If you don’t have the Ion theme, use the downloaded Ion.thmx file. On the Design tab, in the Themes group, click the More button, and then click Browse for Themes.103For the title Classic Car Show, change the font size to 42 and then apply the text effect Fill: Dark Red, Accent color 1; Shadow.104Click before the title. Search Online Pictures using the keywords classic car and then insert an appropriate image from the results. Select any additional text boxes that may display when the online picture is inserted, and then press DELETE. To avoid file size limitations, compress the online picture once it is inserted.Unlock the aspect ratio. Change the height of the image to 1.8″ and change the width to 4″. Change the position to Position in Top Right with Square Text Wrapping. Recolor the picture to Dark Red, Accent color 1 Dark.105Starting with the subtitle This Year’s Show and ending with the phone number, select the text taking care not to select the Section Break (Next Page) non-printing characters after the phone number. Apply the 2-column layout and change column spacing to 1″. Insert a column break at the beginning of the This Year’s Competition subtitle.126For all the paragraphs beginning Aspen Falls will be sponsoring down to of the three categories in the 2-column layout, apply the Justify text alignment.67For the subtitle, This Year’s Show, center align the paragraph, and then change the font to Franklin Gothic Medium. Create a new Quick Style named Show Subtitle based on subtitle just formatted. If necessary, apply the style to the subtitle This Year’s Show. Apply the Quick Style to the other subtitle—This Year’s Competition.128For the paragraph beginning For entry forms, apply a box border with a 1½ point wide line and a border color of Dark Red, Accent 1. For the same paragraph, set the shading to Gold, Accent 3, Lighter 80%. Center align the paragraph just shaded.109Click at the end of the paragraph before the box. Insert a SmartArt graphic with the Basic Radial cycle layout. Set the SmartArt’s position to Position in Bottom Left with Square Text Wrapping. Change the shape’s height to 4.5″ and the shape’s width to 3″.810Starting with the top shape and moving clockwise, add the following text to the four shapes: Vintage | Classic | Hot Rod | Custom In the center shape, add Best In Show611For the SmartArt graphic, apply the 3-D Polished SmartArt style. Save, but do not close, the document.412Open a new blank Word document. In the new blank Word document, start a Labels mail merge document. Select Avery US Letter labels, product number 5160. For the recipients, use the addresses in the downloaded file Word_04_SA_Addresses.xlsx.In the first label, insert an address block clearing the option to insert the recipient’s name, and then update the labels. Finish the mail merge process by merging to a new document. In the merged labels document that opens, convert all labels to UPPERCASE, then select and copy the entire table containing the mailing labels.Mac users should see the tips in the chapter to complete the merge.Return to the Last_First_Word_04_SA_Car_AS.docx file. At the top of page 2, paste the copied table containing the mailing labels.1213Save and close Last_First_Word_04_SA_Car_AS.docx. Exit Word. Submit the file as directed.

Identify at least three musical characteristics that were essential to early African American music. Compare/contrast country blues and classic blue

1 Identify at least three musical characteristics that were essential to early African American music. For each of those characteristics, explain how they functioned in slave songs or ring shouts, and how they functioned in early blues styles or spirituals.2 Compare/contrast country blues and classic blues: discuss the musical and/or cultural origins of each style, explain three musical characteristics of each style, and identify the relative commercial success of each style. Name two country blues performers and two classic blues performers.