Complete the Essay of Exam 1.

TopicOnly readings listed on the syllabus by these authors are eligible for this first exam: Behn, Swift, Voltaire, Bashō, Equiano, Wordsworth, and Keats. At least ONE example has to come from the Week #3 readings (Equiano, Wordsworth, or Keats).The authors so far this term have presented a variety of characters who have some kind of privileged status or who lack privileged status (or, if not a character specifically, the work discusses some type of privilege in its content). Essentially, privilege is a superior set of rights or status as compared to other individuals. Privilege can involve race, social class, gender, or any number of other categories and mainly concerns one group of people who has a higher status or more access to rights and opportunities than others. Referring to at least three examples from three different authors so far this term, where do we see either examples of privilege or a lack of privilege in the readings? (Make sure you’re focusing on a particular example of privilege and not just summarizing an entire text.) What is the privilege that the character has or lacks (or that the author is discussing)? How does that possession of privilege or lack of privilege affect their life or their opportunities? What can their experience or discussion perhaps tell us about how privilege or the lack of privilege affects individuals today? Length and Content RequirementsYour essay response must be a minimum of 750 words (there is no maximum, but try to avoid writing a book). While you may use some of an author’s biography to make your point, keep in mind that your discussion should include a discussion of the texts we have read in class and not rely solely on biographical information. This should be entirely your own argument, and you are not allowed to use any secondary material in this exam (your textbook or the version of the assigned text you are using is your only source). As much as these are your own arguments, you should minimize your use of “I” unless absolutely necessary.I would also argue against cutting and pasting information from your discussion posts and using that as the core content for your essays. If you choose to do so and heavily revise that content, it can work, but some students have used it as a shortcut method for completing the exam in the past, and it tends not to work well without carefully tailoring that information to the specific question posed below.FormattingYour exam must be in conventional essay format (contain an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion). Any paraphrases or direct quotations of material from the texts you are using must be properly punctuated (clear use of quotation marks for direct quotations, for example) and must contain a parenthetical citation (in MLA or APA format) noting the page number of the material. There is no need for a works cited page if you’re using the assigned textbook, but if you’re using any other version of the assigned texts, you must provide a works cited page, noting full bibliographical information for your source material, with the submitted exam. Submission and Due DateI prefer that your exams are attached as files to the “Exam #1” location in “Assignments” in the Canvas menu (also located in the Week #3 module). Uploading a file is a better idea all around, as I will be looking at your paragraphing and other formatting, and a file upload preserves that better so that I can see exactly what you intended. However, I have left a cut and paste option in case anyone has file compatibility issues. The papers will go through a review once uploaded—I’d like to work under the premise that students always do their own work, but I often average a 5-10% plagiarism rate in these online courses that tells me that is, unfortunately, not always the case. Turnitin just helps me streamline the plagiarism checking. **Just to be safe, if you are using Apple’s Pages to type your paper, convert it to a .pdf or .rtf file while saving it to make sure I have the ability to open it once it is uploaded.**Your exam is worth 25 points and is due no later than midnight (Central Time) on Sunday, August 30thGrading CriteriaYour submission will be graded based on the proper use of essay format (clear paragraphs, a clear introduction, a thesis statement, etc.), the clarity of your writing (including proper use of spelling, punctuation, and grammar), proper punctuation/citation of any source material, the strength of your argument, and your ability to use examples from the assigned texts to strongly support your argument. Rough Draft ReviewYou may take advantage of writing assistance via NetTutor (there is a link via our course menu) to help you with composing, organizing, and polishing your work (although keep in mind that they do not provide instant feedback, so you need to submit a draft at least two to three days before the due date). I am also happy to review rough drafts as long as they are emailed to me no later than 72 hours before the due date and time (no later than midnight on Thursday, August 27th—and they need to be a .doc, .pdf, .rtf, or other file type I can open). I will not proofread for you, but I will review the draft to tell you what kind of errors you are making (and how to fix those errors) and also highlight places in the text that might be confusing or that need more development. Also, my review of any exam draft is no guarantee of an “A” grade—I can provide guidance and feedback, but I do not know what that will look like after you’ve made the changes and cannot guarantee you’ll have everything perfectly corrected in your final submission.

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W8 DQ2 Select a public health topic that is of interest to you and complete

Describe the project you selected for the Topic 8 assignment. Explain why the project is important. Discuss two different forms you could use to share the results. Discuss when each form would be appropriate and how the target audience helps to determine the communication method.PLEASE:- minimum of 250 words or more- strong academic writing / APA style (please use in-text citing and References at end – please be original writing and must answer all parts of question for full credit.

Complete Assessment 2 1000 Word Refelctive Essay​.

I can only afford 10 USD.Complete Assessment 2 1000 Word Refelctive Essay.ENCLOSED IS THE ASSESSMENT GUIDE AND MODULE DOCUMENTS FOR HR7004 MENTAL WEALTH: PROFESSIONAL EXCHANGE AND APPLIED RESEARCH AND THREE LECTURE NOTES LABLED LIVE EVENT.Harvard Style referencing shown in Pierce and Shields (2010) Cite Them Right must be followed. Assessment 2: Reflective Account – SPECIFICATIONSThe reflective account is an opportunity to evaluate your actions throughout the research processreflecting on the knowledge, skills and behaviours required by your profession and its awarding body,for example using the CIPD professions map for HR professionals. You will need to include• Your knowledge of the connected digital, social and economic space and your use ofICT• Your role in creating organizational culture through your research• Your actions integrating research practices into your professional contextAim of the reflective account:To write a reflective account that describes, interprets and presents the experience gained bythe student during the development of the module HR7004 related to your profession and itsawarding body’s requirements of a professional.Learning Outcomes evidenced by the reflective account:Knowledge2.- Effectively understand connected digital social and economic space relevant to yourprofessional discipline.Thinking skills4.- Critically inspect the effectiveness of own engagement with individuals and groupsonline and face to face.Skills for life and work (general skills)7.- Create and promote an organizational culture which is developmental, diverse,nurturing and transformational8.- Integrate research practices into own professional context which advance analytical,cognitive, cultural emotional and social intelligences.Links recommended to write a reflective account:The following links are just references to understand more about the content and format of areflective account. Feel free to find more information from accredited website or sources thatallow you to know and present a good reflective account, always keeping in mind the markingcriteria.• Reflective writing: criteria for the reflective account:Your reflection will be related to your awarding body’s requirements in these areas, will refer to relevantacademic sources and theories, and will identify future learning outcomes based on your reflection. Thecriteria to evaluate in a reflective writer are: (1) Reflection; (2) Evidence/theory; (3) Clarity; and (4)Personal learning outcomes. See below the marking78NoCRITERIAWEIGHTING (%)1Depth and breadth of relevant reflection252Supporting academic evidence253Clear and professional writing254Personal learning outcomes25100%More details about the above criteria have been stated on the below table. Ensure to read detailedthis information which will give you a clear landscape of the whole assessment.Format, referencing and use of quotationsYour work should be word processed in accordance with the following:• Font size 11, using a sans serif font such as Arial or similar• 1.5 line spacing• The page orientation should be ‘portrait’ (large diagrams and tables can be inlandscape orientation if that enables them to fit on fewer pages)• Margins on both sides of the page should be no less than 2 cm• Pages should be numbered• Your name should not appear on the script• Your student numbershould be included on every page.• Harvard Style referencing shown in Pierce and Shields (2010) Cite Them Right must befollowed

Complete The Remaining Two Segments Of The Poster Based On The Assessment One Requirements.

I can only afford 10 USD. Complete The Remaining Two Segments Of The Poster Based On The Assessment One Requirements.Please do assessment one based on the United Kingdom company JD Wetherspoon plc (JDW.L). I only need the poster finished off by imputing the Research Methods and Conclusion section. Let me know after finishing that plus the referencing and if it looks like a pass.ENCLOSED IS THE ASSESSMENT GUIDE AND MODULE DOCUMENTS FOR HR7004 MENTAL WEALTH: PROFESSIONAL EXCHANGE AND APPLIED RESEARCH AND TWO LECTURE NOTES LABLED LIVE EVENT.Enclosed is the partially completed poster.Harvard Style referencing shown in Pierce and Shields (2010) Cite Them Right must be followed. Please also check that the referencing is done in the correct format for all the references.

Complete only part 3 of the assignment 1 and 2 are attached

1. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis: Perform quantitative
risk analysis by numerically analyzing the combined effect of identified
individual project risks and other sources of uncertainty on overall project
objectives. Quantify overall project risk exposure to support risk response
planning. 2. Plan Risk Responses: Creating detailed response plans for the
identified positive and negative risks. This should include both proactive
responses and reactive contingency plans as appropriate. Next, proceed to
update your Risk Register. 3. Implement Risk Responses: Identify any secondary
risks and update the register. The implementation of your risk response plan
for negative risks should have minimized the probability of occurrence and the
effect of impact. Conversely, its implementation should have increased the
probability of occurrence and the effect of impact for positive risks. At this
point, you should have a complete risk register. Please provide a dual P-I
Matrix, using the reassessed values found for P and I from the step above. I am
responsible for number 3 above, the documents attached are in response to
number 1 and 2

I have an accounting paper on a business I have created. I will need you to please use excel and word to complete the following.

I have an accounting paper on a business I have created. I will need you to please use excel and word to complete the following. I will need an explanation on the start up expenses for a art gallery I created called inspo gallery, I will also need an excel sheet of an opening day balance sheet for my inspo gallery, the profit & loss statement, as well as an executive summary.

Can you please complete this by Saturday?

WEEK FIVE: FACILITY PLANNING—FLOOR PLAN, PART 3This week you will complete your floor plan by incorporating additional elements, such as IT equipment and creative healing elements. It is important to review your facility and consider any additional changes based on the knowledge you have gained throughout the course.Other elements:IT equipmentCreative healing environment ideasDescribe technology, equipment, and design elements you would use to support the sustainability of your facility in the future.Explain how designing a community-based sustainable health care facility will address the needs of the community demographics of your facility.Imagine this facility was a renovation of an existing structure and describe what you would have done differently while planning your facility.Describe successes and challenges during your facility design.Describe successes experienced while designing your facility.Describe challenges experienced while designing your facility.Describe what you would do differently to address your challenges.Write a 350- to 700-word response to the following:Cite at least 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.Submit your facility planning template and completed floorplan.

Define the term Activity Space (Complete – Unit 5)

For this unit’s Complete assignment, write a comprehensive scholarly essay (minimum 1500 words) in which you analyze, explain, and apply these concepts in the context of this week’s content. You must incorporate and cite, using correct (perfect, 7th edition) APA citation format, at least 4 different scholarly research sources. Be sure your essay demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections from this unit (see attached). In-line citations must be used in the body of your essay, and all research sources must be fully cited at the conclusion of your essay. Correct APA citation formats must be used.After viewing the ATTEND lecture on using new technologies to monitor and locate post-conviction offenders and completing the Read section write a comprehensive essay which includes the following elements:Identify and discuss three of the initially proposed queries in this week’s lecture. Are they of value for the technological advancements in terms of the monitoring of offenders, and the reduction of recidivism? Why or why not? Define the term Activity Space. Describe your activity space as an example. How might this concept inform monitoring and locating post-conviction offenders?Define the term Awareness Space. Describe your local town, or city neighborhood, as you see it, in terms of the awareness space construct. How might this concept inform monitoring and locating post-conviction offenders?Discuss why those engaged in higher education in criminal justice should be aware of, and well-versed in, the apparent “blind spots” in past and present research and policy initiatives?

I need someone to complete an assignment. Excellent work needed.

I need someone to complete an assignment. Excellent work needed.Read and follow all instructionsAssignment Length: 1000-1200 words.Please see the course outline (Assignment Details) for Grading Rubric and more info… Description:Do either of the following (a or b):Read “Melancholic and Hungry Games: Post 9/11 Cinema and the Culture of Apocalypse” by Matthew Leggatt.Then watch Mad Max: Fury Road (directed by George Miller, 2015).Finally, write a critique in which you determine whether Mad Max: Fury Road belongs to the genre of the post 9/11 apocalypse film, as outlined by Leggatt. Pay attention, in particular, to Leggatt’s claim that post 9/11 apocalypse films respond to a “cultural pessimism”; does Mad Max: Fury Road have a similarly pessimistic view of the future?